EBM’s Risk Solutions Network provides clients with access to an extensive network of resources and support to assist with identifying, understanding and managing risks.

  • Specialist expertise to support your business’ insurance and risk program, including critical incident support.
  • Access to expertise, training, events, and shared resources.
  • Timely and specialist risk management and professional expertise and advice.

Pillars of expert support

Critical Incident Support

Critical incident support offers assistance in the event of a major workplace incident, catastrophic injury or workplace fatality.

Legal Advice

Legal advice and support specialising in the areas of employment, discrimination and work health and safety fields.

Medical and Allied Health

Assistance for the prevention of workplace injuries including pre-employment medicals, health services permits/surveillance and access to medical resources /consultants.

Occupational Health

Ergonomic reviews and services, the development of occupational duties registers and early intervention workplace rehabilitation assistance for non-workers’ compensation claims.

Surveyors & Risk Engineering Surveys

Property and risk engineering assessment, advice, solutions and support. Compliments property risk management processes, underwriting and risk reviews, virtual surveys, fire protection, process safety and business continuity planning.


Specialist insurance valuations on buildings, site improvements, plant and equipment, contents and mobile plant to ensure that sums insured are up to date and to avoid underinsurance.

Claims Advocacy

Specialist support and advocacy for businesses with the preparation and negotiation of an insurance claim.

Media Relations

Guidance provided to respond to queries following an incident. Other support includes digital/social media management, media training and marketing communication.

*EBM do not receive any remuneration (monetary or non-monetary) from these services. These services are offered for our client’s benefit; however you are free to engage your own lawyers and/or other service providers.

Risk Solutions Network

Critical Incident Support

Critical incident support offers assistance in the event of a major workplace incident, catastrophic injury or workplace fatality:

  • Legal advice in relation to investigations and the management of major claims and/or prosecutions.
  • Employee wellbeing support including psychological first aid support, and incident debriefing, for employees following a critical incident in the workplace.
  • Collaborative debriefing sessions can be organised post-incident for all parties to discuss key insights and how this can be applied to the continual improvement of processes at your organisation.


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