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Manufacturing is an industry that faces many unique challenges and our team of insurance specialists understand the wide range of risks associated with the sector.

Our team of manufacturing insurance specialists understand and will work with you to properly protect your business.

Supporting manufacturing since 1975

Our experts understand the range of risks specific to the sector.

Trusted by manufacturing clients nationally

We have the expertise and access to products to support the sector.

Specialist services

Our clients are supported with Contract Reviews, Injury Management, and access to EBM’s Risk Solutions Network.

Claims advocacy and management

We guide our clients through all steps of the claims process, keeping them up-to-date, providing peace of mind.


We understand the dynamic environment in which you operate.

EBM Insurance & Risk’s dedicated broking team has provided specialist expertise to the manufacturing industry for decades. We understand the dynamic environment in which you operate, and the equally dynamic insurance industry. We are the trusted partner in between. Our manufacturing experts know the industry and the range of risks specific to the sector – from lost production time to supply chain management issues.

Our access to insurers and underwriters that specialise in manufacturing sector insurance enables us to deliver service and product outcomes of the highest quality.

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