Employers are responsible for ensuring the workplace is safe and that you obtain workers’ compensation insurance to protect your employees and the business should they sustain an injury at work or become ill from their work.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a type of insurance that is managed under state-based legislation that assists employees who sustain an injury at work or become sick due to their work. This can include wage compensation and medical costs.

The insurance schemes and their regulations vary and are administered differently between states. If you would like more information about the insurance scheme and conditions for your state, please contact EBM or your Workers’ Compensation State Authority listed on the SafeWork Australia website.

Workers’ compensation premiums are often one of the largest components of an organisation’s total insurance costs. EBM’s experienced and professional Account Managers have an intimate understanding of each jurisdiction, including the key factors driving premium costs.

Why choose EBM?

EBM will work closely with you to understand your business requirements

When reviewing your Workers’ Compensation requirements, we take into consideration:

  • The scope of available cover required including statutory benefits, common law, journey claims and industrial diseases.
  • Contractual requirements extending to accommodate principals’ indemnity, waivers and hold harmless provisions, where available.
  • Your claims history.

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Why choose EBM?

Expertise and Resources

EBM’s Injury Management team provides expertise to clients with workers’ compensation claims, helping your business to navigate the claims and injury management process with insurers.

For businesses in Western Australia, EBM’s WA Workers’ Compensation – A Guide for Businesses is a helpful resource to assist you with understanding your insurance and risk requirements.

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