EBM’s Injury Management team helps your business to navigate workers’ compensation claims and the injury management process with insurers.

Workers’ compensation claims can be complicated and time consuming; the EBM Injury Management team provides guidance through the process, providing proactive claims management assistance.

Our team of specialists have extensive experience in handling complex workers’ compensation claims. We are here to help your team to navigate this process.

Key support provided by the EBM Injury Management team includes:

  • Assisting your business and insurers in overseeing and implementation of claims management from a strategic, legislative and advocacy perspective for all active workers’ compensation claims
  • Attendance at meetings, informal conferences, and hearings where appropriate
  • Providing support and mentoring to your personnel on employer and employees’ workers’ compensation obligations
  • Assisting with the review, evaluation and provide recommendations with regards to your workers’ compensation procedures
  • Providing recommendations on service providers within the Workers’ Compensation scheme with proven outcomes
  • Ad-hoc workers’ compensation advice and support.

Injury Management

Education and training

EBM provides up-to-date insurance market information, workplace news and legislative updates. Visit our Resource hub for more information.

The EBM Injury Management team can also assist with the facilitation of training sessions and seminars for clients (as appropriate).

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