EBM Whistleblower Policy

EBM encourages the reporting of suspected or actual wrongdoing, misconduct or an improper state of affairs, including conduct that is dishonest, corrupt, illegal or unethical, or the concealment of such conduct.


Reports may be made under the EBM Whistleblower Policy concerning any reasonably suspected or actual misconduct or improper state of affairs or circumstances in relation to EBM.


Make a report


The report may be made to a designated Disclosure Officer as outlined below. The role of a Disclosure Officer is to ensure that the Discloser is heard by EBM and appropriate follow-up occurs, as well as to ensure that the Discloser feels supported and protected.


EBM Disclosure Officer Contact Details


Jane Barry, Executive Business Manager

Phone: (08) 9213 4567

E-mail: janeb@ebm.com.au


Sally Baker, Business Manager

Phone: (03) 9425 1890

Email: sallyba@ebm.com.au


Alternatively, a report may be made to EBM’s free external hotline and reporting service, FairCall, which is independently monitored by KPMG.


FairCall’s reporting options are:


Phone: 1800 500 965

Web-based access: https://www.kpmgfaircall.kpmg.com.au/EBM



The FairCall Manager

KPMG Forensic

PO Box H67

Australia Square

Sydney NSW 1213


After receiving a disclosure, FairCall will provide the details of those contact details will not be provided to the Disclosure Officer without the Discloser’s consent.




EBM is committed to ensuring confidentiality of disclosures and appropriate treatment of Disclosers.


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