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The Property industry has unique and changing risks that require specialists to determine the best risk minimisation strategy.


Our role is to help identify risk and determine the best way to manage it. In doing so, we apply our knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation across all jurisdictions; our awareness of the latest insurance products available; and our local, national and international networks to transfer clients risks to an appropriate carrier (insurer).


Our process begins with a risk profile review. This detailed assessment allows us to build a comprehensive picture of your potential exposure. We then help determine a strategy to best deal with each risk - either by terminating, transferring to an insurance company, or retaining the risk under controlled conditions. In our view, risks should only be tolerated by choice and not because of lack of awareness or oversight.


Where insurance cover is needed, we develop clear and comprehensive policies for our clients before negotiating the best possible conditions and premiums from insurance company underwriters. We take a flexible approach, first examining a variety of policies from a range of providers. If no existing policy is suitable, we will customise a policy and negotiate its placement with an insurer on our client’s behalf.


In each of our key industry sectors, EBM employs teams of experienced staff whose job it is to thoroughly understand the risks inherent in that industry.


Commercial Landlords Insurance Policy (CLIP) contains an extent of cover not available in most policies. 

Key Features

Value Icon

Loss of Rent up to 52 weeks


Earthquake IconMore Accidental Damage cover
Employees IconSuperior Claims Handling
Rubbish IconAdditional cover for removal of debris
Flood IconFlood cover


CLIP has all the cover you would expect from a comprehensive commercial landlord policy but includes key features that set it apart without having to pay through the roof.


Key Contacts

Specialists in this area include:


Gareth Greaves


Gareth Greaves

Executive Account Manager - Melbourne

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Christopher Traill


Christopher Traill

Executive Account Manager

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