Media Release - 31 July 2020


Speedway ready to get back on track after Cyclone damage


Since 1972 Nickol Bay Speedway has kept Pilbara locals entertained year round with a host of motorsport activities.This locally run not-for-profit businessis a family favorite in the region and on the ‘to do list’when visiting Karratha.


Earlier this year a literal spanner was thrown in the Speedways’ works leaving it unable to operate after the impact of Tropical Cyclone Damien crossing the North West coast in February 2020.


“After the cyclone hit, we weren’t sure what we could do to get back up and running. Damage to the Speedway was extensive and we struggled to work out how much it would cost to repair the damage,”said Steve O’Dowd,Nickol Bay Speedway Club President.


EBM’s Cameron Gaspar, the local insurance broking representative in Karratha,worked alongside Speedway committee members to help manage their insurance claim process which included liaising with Chubb, the insurer, to explain the uniqueness of the situation.“


Assessing the claim for damages was complex as most of the infrastructure at the Speedway has been donated by the community over the years.This made it very difficult to evaluate the true replacement costs,” said EBM Karratha’s Account Manager, Cameron Gaspar.“


EBM has operated in Karratha since 2012 and sadly we have witnessed the devastation caused by cyclones over the years. It only takes one incident like a cyclone to cause major interruption to business operations.We don’t want anyone in our community to suffer the fallout from a cyclone, so we encourage everyone to review their insurance cover regularly. We are here to help assess risks and look at ways to help protect our local businesses and community.” said EBM’s Cameron Gaspar.


With the Speedway Executive Committee, EBM,and Chubb working together to find a solution, true community spirit was shown by all. As a local gathering spot for locals in Karratha, it was important to see a swift claims process, allowing them to reopen to the community quickly. Construction is now underway,and the Speedway is looking to host its first event following the cyclone on 31st December 2020.“


We appreciate the responsiveness that EBM and Chubb provided throughout the claims process –they went above and beyond to ensure the Speedway and the community we serve was looked after. We can’t wait to open the gates to our members, volunteers and spectators soon and get everyone back on the track!” said Steve O’Dowd, Speedway President.



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