Code of Practice


We at EBM embrace the General Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.


The Insurance Brokers Code of Practice (Code) is intended to promote good relations between insurance brokers, policyholders and others in the insurance industry, as well as efficiency in transactions by laying out standards of good practice and levels of service that are expected of brokers.

Developed by the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) as part of a national self-regulatory scheme, the Code:

  • Applies principally to general insurance and life risk insurance, and to a lesser extent associated services such as risk management, arrangement of premium funding, inspection and valuation;
  • Requires brokers to establish an internal dispute resolution process;
  • Sets out standards for brokers to follow when dealing with clients, including requirements to inform clients of remuneration arrangements and any conflict of interest.

The scheme is administered by  Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). If you consider there has been a breach of the Code, you may wish to contact the AFCA to lodge a complaint. To contact AFCA call 1800 931 678 or email


General Insurance Brokers Code of Conduct


Musical Instruments Policy (Hiscox Limited)


Our Product Development and Distribution Policy applies to our products designed and distributed in the Australian market by us Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s.


Our policies are distributed exclusively by CoverLink Pty Ltd who is a related entity and Authorised Representative (AR 437921) of Elkington Bishop Molineaux Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd ( AFSL 246986)  under a binder authority granted to them . 


We have guidance in place for our distributor(s) to ensure that our products are distributed to the target market.


We have processes in place to ensure our products are not sold to people who would not be able to receive a benefit from the product. 


We designed our products to be consistent with the likely objectives, financial situation and needs of the class of customers for whom the product  is intended. We also design our products to provide value for money and ensure our customers understand what cover is offered. We clearly communicate when the cover is not available.


When designing or altering our products we will take into account and include:

  • Identification of  our target markets and the need of customers within those markets
  • Ensuring our product design delivers value and fair outcomes to our customers
  • Making our Product Disclosure Statements and associated marketing material transparent and easy to read for our customers

We will review this policy on an annual basis or as required in order to ensure that our product meets our customers’ needs and is distributed in a way that is likely to reach our designated target market. 


We will take into account customer complaints, feedback, claims data and market conditions.


If following a product review we find that a product requires modification in order to keep meeting our client’s objectives, needs or financial situations - we will modify it.

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