Legal Expenses Insurance for Management Rights (LEIMR)


Legal Expenses Insurance for Management Rights has been designed to provide access to legal advice and guidance, plus the security of knowing once a claim has been accepted; the costs of pursuing legal action will be covered. 


Legal Expenses Insurance removes the financial burden associated with legal disputes and also provides access to legal advice and assistance which may curb the need for full-scale litigation.


Policy Inclusions

Silver Cover

Gold Cover

   •  Statutory Licence Protection

   •  Silver Policy inclusions plus:

   •  Personal Injury of an Employee

   •  Privacy

   •  Discrimination Protection

   •  Tax Disputes + Investigations

   •  Contract



Free Legal Advice

One of the most valuable features of Legal Expenses Insurance for Management Rights is the access to general legal advice. Policyholders can seek guidance from a lawyer for any questions or concerns that may arise, regardless of whether is it a covered incident or not.


Once a claim has been accepted, appoint your own Management Rights Specialist Lawyer to act on your behalf in correlation with EBM’s claim administrator.


If you would like a quote for Legal Expenses Insurance, please complete the LEIMR Quote Request Form on this page. Alternatively, if you would like to apply for Legal Expenses Insurance please download and complete the proposal form here.


Claim Examples

Statutory Licence Protection

A Management Rights Operator comes under investigation from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for taking incorrect commissions on rental yields, the OFT pushes for the operator’s licence to be suspended subject to further investigation. The manager and their legal representative believe that they are not at fault and within the confines of their licence. The Legal Expenses policy responds funds the lawsuit against the statutory body to ensure their licence is not suspended and their livelihood inadvertently affected.


Personal Injury of an Employee

A Management Rights Operator is required to attend a Workplace Health & Safety hearing for the injury to one of their employees whilst in the course of their employment. The time investment away from the business and cost to attend the hearing is substantial, the Legal Expenses policy responds to cover the cost that attendance has on the manager’s business.


Discrimination Protection

A tenant has over the course of the rental tenancy been late on their weekly payments and left the property in disarray upon leaving the premises. The manager has listed the tenant on a residential tenancy database to notify further agents of their poor history resulting in a defamation case brought against them by the former tenant. The Legal Expenses policy responds to the Insured’s costs, attendance of hearing expenses and the tenant’s costs when the decision is made against the manager.



A Management Rights Operator receives a Remedial Action Notice from the body corporate and in consultation with their legal representative believes they have operated within the confines of their agreement. After the appropriate legal advice they decide to pursue Legal Action against the body corporate to clarify their contractual obligations. The Legal Expenses policy covers the manager’s costs and attendance expenses for their action against the body corporate.



A Manager Rights Operator inadvertently releases credit card details to an unknown third party putting them in breach of strict Australian Privacy Laws, Legal Action is taken against the operator for the breach as well as an enforcement notice from the statutory body. The Legal Expenses policy responds to the Insured’s costs, attendance expenses and the Opponents costs in defending themselves from the actions of the third party and statutory body.


Tax Disputes & Investigations

A Management Rights Operator is alleged to have incorrectly charge Goods & Services Tax on their dealings with tenants & owners leading to a dispute with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and a notice of assessment from them. The Legal Expenses policy responds to the Insured’s costs and attendance expenses of a Legal Action brought against them by the ATO.


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Christopher Traill

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