Your Home and Contents Insurance

As your broker we endeavour to ensure you receive the best terms possible for the insurance we arrange on 
your behalf. We are pleased to advise that your home and contents insurance includes a number of special features 
and benefits negotiated by EBM which are automatically built in to your policy for no extra cost. Please refer to 
your policy documentation to determine which policy applies to you (“Accidental Damage” or “Insured Events”).
Extra cover included in your policy



Home Insurance

Accidental Damage

Home Insurance

Contents includes all household goods (including carpets whether fixed or not), personal effects, cash, coins and negotiables plus more
Green Tick Green Tick

Jewellery, watches or items containing gold and/or silver - any one item, pair, set or collection is not required to be specified if valued less than:

(up to a maximum of 25% of the General Contents Sum Insured)

$5,000 $10,000
Flood cover included Green Tick Green Tick
Theft of contents in the open air, unlocked garage, shed or storage room at the risk address insured up to:


(Bicycles $1,500)


(Bicycles $2,500)

Cover for buildings and contents where the Buildings have not been lived in for more than 90 consecutive days, subject to applicable excesses
Green Tick Green Tick
Premium saving available with increased excess Green Tick Green Tick
Worldwide coverage up to 100 days and increased limits within Australia and New Zealand. The maximum amount the insurer will pay is 25% of your contents sum insured.


Red Cross


Green Tick

Accidental Damage (included)
Limited Cover Broad Cover
Automatic cover of contents for up to 30 days when moving from your current residence to your new risk address Green Tick Green Tick
Tsunami cover included, not just earthquake Green Tick Green Tick
Domestic Workers Compensation - included if chosen in 
your schedule (only available in certain states)
Green Tick Green Tick
No Depreciation applied to fence claims Australia wide

Green Tick

Green Tick

Committee members of social or sporting club liability (voluntary) for you up to $10,000
Green Tick Green Tick


Are you interested in broader cover? If you currently have an “Insured Events” policy and would like to
know more about the additional features of an “Accidental Damage” policy, just give your account broker a call.


The above is general advice based on the QBE Home and Contents policy wordings and has not taken into account your personal circumstances, be sure to read the appropriate Product Disclosure Statement to ensure the policy meets your individual circumstances. The terms conditions and limitations of the policy wording shall prevail at all times.


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