Fishing Insurance


As a professional or commercial fisherman, the one thing you can be sure of is that one day things are going to come unstuck.  Whether it’s a minor irritation like a lost tender or a more serious incident that keeps you away from your fishing grounds, when it happens you’ll need the support of a locally-based marine insurance professional.  And you’ll be glad that our industry-specific knowledge gives us the experience to frame your policies correctly in the first place.


Don’t just renew your existing fishing insurance policies - call us and we will come to see you, or drop in to our office and we’ll provide a no-obligation review and quote on all your insurance requirements.

Our service includes:

  • Professional Fishing Boat Insurance
  • Free surveys and valuations on insured boats between Kalbarri and Mandurah
  • Mooring inspection costs paid for
  • Fishing tackle insurance quotes
  • Agreed value sums insured on motor vehicles (up to ten years of age) and vessels
  • Excellent depreciation rates on machinery and electronic equipment
  • Automatic hull cover on tenders and dinghies up to $25,000 at no cost
  • Automatic hull cover for vessels being used for pleasure
  • Personal accident and illness cover for deckhands and skippers
  • One policy for private and remote residences
  • Transit cover to the value of $25,000 for land transits of equipment
  • Australian authorised insurer with an A-Standard and Poors rating July 2007
  • Most importantly, the ability to talk face-to-face with local people who understand the fishing industry

Key Contacts

Specialists in this area include:


Owen Connolly

Owen Connolly

Executive Account Manager

email Owen

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