Tailored Insurance for BSCAA Members


Why EBM?


The reality is that a multitude of companies can arrange insurance.


But not all will do what we do.

At EBM, we strive to put our clients first. It’s not something we simply say, it’s something we do.
We treat your insurance as if it were our own, we don’t wish to see you spending more of your hard-earned dollars than necessary, yet at the same time ensure you are adequately protected.
Our shareholders continue to work in the business, and our brokers are paid a salary, not a commission based on your insurance premium.
Our brokers don’t work for an insurance company, either directly or as an agent/authorised representative, so they’ll be in your corner at claims time.
Much of what we do, most others simply can’t or won’t do, as it is either too specialised or costs them too much.
That’s what makes us different.

We work for you.

Cleaning  -  Security  -  Traffic Control

Whether a single operator or a major corporation, BSCAA members have unique risks that need specialised risk management to ensure protection of their cash flow and assets.
EBM has been providing services to BSCAA members for more than 8 years and assisting these industry businesses with their insurance needs since 1975.


The expertise gained during this time ensures BSCAA members receive cover that is tailored to their individual needs and circumstances, something that off-the-shelf policies simply cannot do.
A broker experienced in your industry will discuss your risks and provide the most cost-effective options for your specific business.
Typical basic cover will include: 
  • Public Liability 
  • Personal Accident and Illness 
  • Tools of Trade 
  • Motor Vehicles

Your broker knows you

The person you speak to understands the risks you are concerned with because they speak to you personally.
The same person you speak to will research the options available and look at how you can get the most out of your insurance. They will continue to help you with queries, policy changes, negotiating renewals and claims.
Importantly, your broker will listen to the changing needs of your business and make ongoing recommendations as required.

Enquire now

To find out how EBM can best assist you and your needs simply complete the enquiry form on the right and a specialist broker will contact you.


Your broker will ensure obtaining the right insurance is a simple process

allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.


Key Contacts

Specialists in BSCAA members insurance for Queensland include:


Brooke McLaren


Brooke McLaren

Executive Account Manager 

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