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Why Travel Insurance Is Important

12 Aug 2012 | Added by EBM




Travelling overseas should be a memorable and enjoyable time for everyone, but unfortunately accidents can happen at any time, and the level of medical care you receive in a foreign country may not be as qualified as you would hope. This is why it is essential to always take out travel insurance before hopping on a plane.


Peace of mind


Peace of mind is the number one reason why many people take out travel insurance when going overseas. Travel insurance provides vitally import assistance with medical costs should you suffer an accident during the length of your trip.


Hidden extra costs


Travel insurance will not only cover medical bills but many hidden extras as well, such as lost luggage, theft, flight delays, and emergency cover and transportation.


Accident insurance Australia


Insuring yourself against any number of incidents that can happen when travelling overseas is essential for all Australians. To find out more about different insurance covers available to you, such as travel insurance, contact EBM on 1300 722 916.


The above advice is general advice and has not taken into account your personal circumstances, be sure to read the appropriate Product Disclosure Statement to ensure the policy meets your individual circumstances.