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EBM Blog - Summertime and the thieving is easy

9 Dec 2015 | Added by EBM


Summertime and the thieving is easy


It has been a busy year and finally you have the opportunity to kick back, relax and take a break. While this might be your chance to take time off – it’s also prime time for thieves.


Home burglaries are a common occurrence in our country around the festive season.


As the summer heat calls for open windows and doors to let the cool breeze in, this paired with our relaxed holiday attitudes creates the perfect environment for robbers.


If you are just heading off for a holiday break, here are some tips to keep your home safe while you are away:

  • See if a responsible friend or family member can house-sit.
  • Let a trusted neighbour know that you are going away and that no one should be coming and going from your property (give them your contact details for where you’ll be in case of emergency).
  • Get a neighbour to keep an eye on your home/car/boat, put your bin in and out and remove junk mail from your letter box.
  • Be a good neighbour by offering to watch out for their home and property too.
  • Stop deliveries (papers, post).
  • Set timers (lights and audible appliances) and alarms (if the alarm is monitored, alert the security company that you will be away).
  • If you have a second storey, remove any potential climbing aids (e.g. bins) from the yard.
  • Remove tools and equipment from the yard; lock sheds and garages.
  • Cut back any foliage from entrances and windows (obstructed views make great cover).
  • Turn the volume of your home phone down so it can’t be heard from outside your house and have the calls diverted to your mobile (never leave an answering machine message saying you are away or notes on doors).
  • Secure your car keys in the house and never leave spare keys ‘hidden’ outside.
  • Avoid telling Facebook and Twitter about your holiday plans (and make sure your kids don’t do it either).
  • If you notice any criminal or suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, call the police.

If the worst should happen and your property is burgled it’s important that you have insurance to cover your losses.


TenantCover will cover your belongings – not any damage to your property – so make sure you have enough cover to recoup any losses.


Enjoy your time away!



The above advice is general advice and has not taken into account your personal circumstances, be sure to read the appropriate Product Disclosure Statement to ensure the policy meets your individual circumstances.