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EBM Blog - New Year's Resolutions for your Business

4 Jan 2016 | Added by Louise Firth


As the echoes of jingle bells begin to fade, it will soon be time to get off the lounge and back to work. But before the New Year arrives, why not make a few resolutions for your business?

Here are 11 motivating ideas to help you improve your business in 2016:


  1. I will learn how to delegate and do more of it.
    Stop multitasking – in the long run you aren’t doing yourself or your business any favours spreading yourself too thinly. Let someone else do some of the tasks so you can concentrate on what you do best for your business.
  2. I will promote my business regularly and consistently.
    Take the time to work out a marketing plan or hire a professional and start effectively promoting your business online and in print. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can drive consumers to your business and is a great marketing tool to reach clients you wouldn’t normally reach.
  3. I will make business planning a weekly event.
    Set aside time to make plans to help your business grow. It is also important to keep up-to-date with what is happening in your industry so you can capitalise on the latest trends and be at the forefront, not trailing behind.
  4. I will learn something new (and encourage my employees to do the same).
    Whether it is directly related to your business or not there are a great deal of online courses you can take to expand your knowledge. Learning something new gives you a new skill-set and another interest which can translate into fresh ideas for your business. 
  5. I will narrow my focus.
    Rather than focus on a multitude of projects, concentrate on doing core projects and tasks really well. Remember Pareto’s law of 80/20 – 80% of results come from 20% of causes – and focus on the 20% of effort that is going to yield 80% of the results. 
  6. I will join a new business organisation or networking group.
    Sign up to online forums and groups and take part in discussions. Attend relevant industry events just talking to other business people can spark new ideas, refine old ones and develop useful relationships. 
  7. I will give something back to the community.
    Find a worthy cause that matters to you and give what you can. Join a committee, become a mentor, volunteer or donate.
  8. I will schedule ‘me time’.
    Work-life balance is important, so make sure you take time out for yourself and to spend with loved ones (and encourage employees to do the same).
  9. I will set realistic goals.
    Your goals should be achievable – not pipe dreams. Setting specific targets can help you focus. Aim to increase sales by XX% over the next 12 months, delegate XX% of your work, have a maximum of XX emails in your inbox, write one hand-written note each month etc.
  10. I will refresh my website and use social media effectively.
    Your website should be up-to-date, simple to use and reflect your corporate image and brand values strongly. Ensure your website and email is smart phone friendly with apps that can be downloaded. 
  11. I will make sure that I am protecting my business.
    Ensuring that you are meeting your legal obligations is crucial. As is making sure that your assets, including yourself, are properly insured and that you have risk management strategies in place.


Head into 2016 armed with firm plans to realise your goals and reap the benefits!